Voisse brings podcasts and presentations alive? New tools for audio assessment of learners.

Over the summer I shared a series of reviews on tools I have been looking at to use with students for creating presentations. If you missed these you can look at them below.

  1. Prezi for engaging presentations which show overview and depth.
  2. PptPlex which allows you to produce linear presentations which have ‘prezi like’ functionality.
  3. Animoto for compelling videos on the fly.

Over the weekend I saw a new cloud based presentation site which flipped the primary focus from the visuals to the sound. The site is called Voisse and the best way to introduce it is the two minute presentation below.

For me what Voisse does that is different to the other presentation tools above is it allows students to create an audio feed which they can use to produce podcasts. The interface is really easy and there is very much an ‘on the fly’ feel which students can easily get used to without complicated podcast software.

 As well as this they can add key images to their audio to produce a presentation. Whilst there are many times you would want students to produce a visual presentation which they speak over as they present in lessons there are other time where you want to be able to review student work when not in the classroom. I have spent many hours drudging through homework PowerPoints which show little real insight into student understanding other than their capacity to find information on the Internet. If students submitted a Voisse presentation it would enable them to demonstrate their understanding of a topic through their presentation combined with audio. Teachers are always looking for ways to assess oral pieces from students and for me this tool fits the bill. I can think of dozens of times I could use this across the History curriculum and I suspect this is the case in most subjects.

BBC Click also reviewed Voisse this week and you can see their thoughts here