The benefits of building SharePoint websites

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In the last post I showed a recent School website which has been built within SharePoint. The same school has also commissioned a separate website for their Sixth Form which can be seen below:

Why create your website in SharePoint?

In the last post I covered the changes in attitude as people are increasingly realising that SharePoint is an effective platform for delivering websites. There are a number of other key reasons why building a website in SharePoint makes sense.

  1. The site navigation and structure can easily be changed by a SharePoint admin as new areas need to be created. At Twynham this happens all the time when new A-level courses are added and new events take place.
  2. The content within a SharePoint website can be easily and instantly changed by a non-technical administrator so that it is always up to date and does not waste the time of technical staff.
  3. Building a SharePoint website on top of your Learning Gateway reduces the cost of hosting websites on different platforms or paying for organisations to host your website.


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