The evolution of Cloud Computing and the changing anatomy of a Microsoft data centre.

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Now for something a little bit geekier! Last week I was at a meeting at Microsoft’s UK base in Reading to look at a wide range of different topics. One of the agenda items was covering the cloud and as expected topics including Live@Edu and Office 365 were covered. One aspect of the discussion I did not expect was a presentation which showed the changing anatomy of the data centre. I managed to get some shots of the 5 current stages of Microsoft’s data centre evolution which I thought you might like to see. Whilst not a fully fledged geek I was fascinated to see how things are evolving and later on I will show you the latest thinking on what data centres will look like in the next year and beyond.

1st Generation Data Centre

Servers on shelves Ikea style

2nd Generation Data Centre

The development of racked servers

3rd Generation Data Centre

The modern data centre with flashing blue lights!

4th Generation Data Centre

We were then shown what the modern day Microsoft data centre looks like. The focus is on size, reliability and scalable units with entire shipping containers ready to go. These units are dropped into place and instantly activated into the centre. They are also sealed and for efficiency they still run and will not be opened unless 35% of the environment has failed. The video also shows the cooling system which again is locked straight into the units.

Sitting there I thought this was very cool…. and then I was shown the real future of data centres in terms of mobility and the private cloud. More of that later.

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