The importance of Student Voice in building your SharePoint Learning Gateway- E-book serialisation.

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One of the reasons we have been able to keep making progress with our Learning Gateway has been the continual evolution of the system. Central to this has been the constant feedback from staff and parents but, most importantly, the students. As you will have seen earlier we run Student Council groups throughout the year focusing on culture, teaching and learning and technology. All three of these groups have impacted on the Learning Gateway throughout the last three years. Very recently the Headteacher of Twynham School, Dr Terry Fish and myself were given presentations by the culture and technology group to make two key recommendations.

The first was from the technology group with a series of recommendations of how we can further improve the Student Gateway. The document they produced from 6 thirty minute meetings is below and it shows the level of thought they have undertaken.

This post and the rest of our work at Twynham School is available in an E-book called

Twynham School Learning Gateway 2007-10 which can be downloaded here

These recommendations where produced by between 12 and 20 students at each meeting but in turn they use tutor captains to take feedback from all students. This process ensures that the information coming back from students effectively reflects their views as a whole. We are able to further support this process by using surveys within SharePoint which can be named or anonymous and compulsory or voluntary. During the last three years we have used these for a wider number of issues including decisions on study leave and feedback on the quality of learning within departments. The regular reflection allows us to ensure that the Learning Gateways are always evolving in line with student expectations.
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