The King is Dead! Long live the King! Revolutionary blog post is overtaken

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I am now completing my 3rd Month of blogging having started SharePoint in Education as a New Years Resolution. It was a slow start with only 5 posts in January but I am now in the groove with 21 posts in February and this one today makes 21 for March. The whole process has been very enjoyable and it has encouraged me to reflect a lot on what we do at Twynham School. My favourite blog post? The one I enjoyed writing the most was the blog I did on the first day of this month entitled Creating a revolution in SharePoint User Adoption. Which model works: Lenin, Trotsky or Stalin? This blog came to me over a few days and sparked a lot of discussion, even bringing Tom Rizzo the SharePoint leader in Microsoft to blog. If you haven’t read the post then I have place an excerpt of it below and you can get directly to it here. It may be worth a read as it covers the cornerstone of a learning platform’s success- user adoption.

SharePoint User Adoption- click to see post

SharePoint User Adoption- click to see post

When this post was written it shot straight to the top of the most read posts section within two days and by the end of the week it had double the number of reads over the second placed post. Once a week I tend to look at the stats for the site to see what is going down well and not so well with readers. The User Adoption post was imperious for 3 weeks and then several posts written in the last week have stolen a march until today it was toppled! The revolution was genuinely quashed. As we are now both at the end of a month and my first quarter of blogging I thought I would take a liberty and share the top 5 posts for SharePoint in Education in case you are time poor and may have missed something which people tapped in to. They are (in rank order):

  1. How do we meet a challenge like my nephew? Digital natives coming to a school near you.
  2. Online Reporting to Parents- what does it look like at Twynham School
  3. Creating a revolution in SharePoint User Adoption
  4. To twitter or not to twitter?
  5. UK Netbook Comparison in What Mobile magazine

I am of course immensely proud that my 5 year old Nephew has slain Stalin, Trotsky and Lenin within one week of posting. In a way this post came from the same angle as the user adoption post, reflection on life, and perhaps this is what resonates with people most. The Online Reporting post does not surprise me either as this is a hot topic in UK Education along with Learning Platforms. Add to the list twitter and netbooks which have huge media agendas and you can see why they all made the top 5. Huge thanks for reading the blog- In one month since 1st March the number of unique visitors has grown 130%! Let see what April has to bring with SharePoint in Education.

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