The origins of digital natives and e-learning. Internet arrives in 1993 and changes the landscape.

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Yesterday I posted a review of a new site called YTTM, or YouTube Time Machine. Within the post I showed a future gazing video from 1969 which looked at what the Internet would soon look like. I had a response to the post from @andreacarr1 on twitter who posted a link to a similar video from 1993. The video clip was such a good reflection of what the Internet was in its earliest years for the consumer that I had to show it on the blog. For me it was even more memorable as I was at Lancaster University in my second year in 1993 and a girl called Hope first mentioned the term ‘email’ to me and helped me to set up an account. It is great to look back on something which has become such an important part of our lives and see how basic and rudimentary it was. Enjoy the video!

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