The power of SharePoint Surveys with students

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Over the last two days we have been talking about producing online content to support and engage students. Having produced a working GCSE Revision Gateway and spent time talking with 30+ students about design was this enough to ensure success? At this stage we needed to identify if students were using the sites we set up and what they thought about them. One of the best ways to find out what students think about absolutely anything is to set up a SharePoint Survey. In SharePoint 2007 there is a great survey function which we use extensively to get feedback from staff and students at Twynham School. I will not spend any time going through how you make a survey as this has been done elsewhere. As a reference take a look at the brilliant blog piece by S.S. Ahmed here which gives an excellent step by step of the process. Microsoft also produce a guide here which is really useful.

What I want to focus on here is what we wanted to find out and what our students told us? We focused on 6 areas as follows:

  1. Internet and broadband access
  2. Computer access (shared or own, desktop or laptop)
  3. Usage and navigation
  4. Preference of Gateways over Public Drives (being used at the time)
  5. What other things would the like to add to the sites?
  6. What would prevent them using the Revision Gateway?

Here is a slide deck I used with staff to show them the results of the survey.

View more presentations from mikeherrity. (tags: www.sharepointineducatio… school)

From the survey (in case you don’t want to read the slide deck!) we found out that almost all our students had broadband and access to a computer. Many had their own laptop (the stats now are even higher- one of the biggest purchases for a student starting their GCSEs). Navigation was simple and easy and students wanted their own area for revision resources. As a result we are now implementing ‘My Site’ as an online portfolio.

We have run a number of surveys with students and found them an exceptional tool in moving beyond those students who are already engaged and feeding back to us and reaching the quieter or more reluctant students. As a school we wanted to end study leave and ask the students to come into school during their final exams to keep studying with their teachers. Another example of the results from a student survey is shown below.


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