The rise of the SharePoint School website

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As part of my return to blogging this week I wanted to talk about one of the genuinely big trends in SharePoint. This is the rise in use of SharePoint as a school website. Although this trend and change in thinking still has a way to go more and more schools are seeing that SharePoint can create a beautiful website and be a powerful way to communicate with stakeholders. In the last 6 weeks alone I have taken 22 requests for SharePoint websites from schools who are using SharePoint as a Learning Platform.

Many of you will also be familiar with our 6th Form website which can be see below as an example of a beautiful SharePoint website.

At the same point when I was speaking to a school in London last week who were asking for us to host SharePoint for them they were surprised when I suggested they use SharePoint for their website and even said, ‘have you ever seen a nice looking SharePoint site!’.

To rectify this I thought I would provide some links and an update on our work. Firstly one of my favourite sites for finding examples of good SharePoint websites  is Top SharePoint Sites which now has 1,224 examples of SharePoint being used as a website.

As well as this I wanted to show you one of the sites we are just finishing for a school which again catches the eye.

If you are interested in using SharePoint to host your main school or 6th Form website  and would like some help please get in touch by emailing and I can provide you with further details.

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