SharePoint Best Practices Posts, Day 2 of 10. 3 key messages from Joel Oleson’s Keynote.

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Today I want to focus on 3 key messages from the Keynote Joel Oleson gave which represent a challenge to us moving forward with our SharePoint deployment. These may not be relevant to all but for us the focus on developing our SharePoint strategically and ensuring appropriate structures are in place are key to moving forward effectively. I have pulled 3 slides from Joel’s excellent key note here- the whole PowerPoint is viewable from my previous post, directly from slideshare or Joel’s site itself.

Key Focus 1- Governance

One of the biggest buzzwords with SharePoint at the moment is Governance. This is a hot topic, particularly in the US and the business environment but is an essential consideration for all. Governance can be defined as ‘the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that you establish in an enterprise to guide, direct, and control how the organization uses technologies to accomplish business goals’ (Microsoft TechNet). In essence the message here is planning to ensure you maintain control of your SharePoint deployment to best achieve your business/organisations objectives.

Joel’s slide shown above shows the key fundamentals of a Governance Plan and represent a starting point for thinking. Governance is both a vast topic and a big deal. I would not pretend to have any expertise in this area (that is why it is a key message for us from the conference) but I have started researching so that we can get our Governance Plan in order. Here are some useful links I am using which may be helpful:

  1. Microsoft has a TechNet article which is a great starting point.
  2. This article on The SharePoint Team Blog contains key links.
  3. Mark Wagner’s Sample Governance Plan is available here.
  4. The Codeplex Governance Workspace contains useful resources.
  5. Mark Schneider’s Taxonomy and Governance blog represents a vast resource.

Key Focus 2- Establish your Governance Roles and Responsibilities

Linking on from the first point, the diagram below struck us as really useful. At present in our organisation we do not have complete clarity of roles and responsibilities with a number of colleagues overlapping different area. Developing more focused roles will be a key task over the next 18 months.

Key Focus 3- Developing your SharePoint Team

The final diagram is very much self explanatory and represent the balance needed within a SharePoint Team to fulfill the various functions. This is something we already knew but the slide gave us cause for reflection in terms of the balance of our team and various skill sets. At a time when we are looking to build our staffing we will return to the diagram to look at which areas are most in need within our team.


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