The Social Media Revolution and teenagers

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Earlier today I posted a blog on The Social Media Revolution and wrote some thoughts on why we need to adapt to the changes that currently are and increasingly will affect the way we communicate and interact. The Social Media Revolution is a crucial change in society which has a major impact on our role as teachers supporting students in a learning environment. Most of the people reading this blog are likely to be focused predominantly on the Online Learning aspect of schools and the impact of Social Media is most profoundly felt in this area. So the other question which I wanted to raise today was how are teenagers responding to The Social Media Revolution?

I thought it might be useful to put together a few resources of different depth which I have been reading and viewing. These cover the impact of Social Media on teenagers from three countries: UK, Australia and the US. For a light bite take a look at this short YouTube video from Melbourne Australia where off the cuff interviews took place on the street asking teens how the use social media. Turn the volume down to avoid the evil music intro.

At the end of the summer one news item caused a media storm in the UK which the Guardian called Twitter is not for teens. This article covered a 15 year old called Matthew Robson who was asked to write a research article on how teenagers consume media. The full text of his research can be found here and although it is not shocking and a total surprise at the same time there is some really good information here.

Finally, from the US I have recently been watching an excellent lecture by Danah Boyd discussing her research on patterns of use in social media by teenagers. Although this is 40 minutes long it is well worth taking some time out when school has settled down to watch this. If you are time poor then pick up the education theme from 29 minutes.

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