The ‘third way’ in creating engaging presentations? PptPlex brings canvas functionality to PowerPoint

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Over the last few weeks I have been looking at a few technologies which have appeared on my radar and which I think are worth sharing with other educationalists/technologists. In case you want to track back  and take a look at the previous posts they are below:

  1. Pogoplug for a great online storage system you can access anywhere.
  2. Animotofor compelling videos on the fly.
  3. Animotothoughts from Chris Thomson.
  4. Prezi for engaging presentations which show overview and depth.
  5. Prezi thoughts from twitter and the blog.

Today I wanted to look at a possible ‘third way’ when looking at presentation technology. Whereas Prezi is often seen as the antidote to PowerPoint this may be an issue if you have lots of great PowerPoint presentations which you want to keep using but like the functionality offered in Prezi. Well in this case perhaps pptPlex is for you.

PptPlex is another technology which has come out of Microsoft Office Labs and is an add on to PowerPoint. It gives a canvas style functionality which allows you to move around your slides in a  non-linear fashion. Microsoft have produced a quick overview video which will help to get a flavour of what you can do with pptPlex.

A number of people on twitter and the blog likened the functionality you get with pptPlex to that which you can get in Prezi and there are clearly significant overlaps. I also watched a presenter use the technology at a conference recently to great effect. The advantage for him is he has a dozen or more presentations which he put on to a canvas and was able to jump around looking at different topics as and when he wanted. More interestingly when I spoke to him at the end of his session he said he thought the real benefit was he could respond to the audience and never felt he had to cover everything in the canvas.

Thinking about the classroom there is a really useful video which gives both a demonstration of how you use pptPlex and an example of a learning based application.


2 Responses to “The ‘third way’ in creating engaging presentations? PptPlex brings canvas functionality to PowerPoint”
  1. Looks good Mike, interested to see if it’s as good as Prezi as the examples are not that inspiring. Will have a play

  2. Steve Trickey says:

    Only concern with PPTPlex is that it’s a concept test and no indication about whether it will be supported down the track.

    Another product linked with MS Labs, but developed by University of Washington is Classroom Presenter which enables student interaction with powerpoint slides across the network. We’ve tried this across vast distances and works nicely. The same department is/was resposible for ongoing maintenance of Conference XP.

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