Thoughts on ‘Death by PowerPoint and Prezi’ Responses from the blog and twitter

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The last post on ‘Prezi- the end of death by PowerPoint?’ led to a good debate on twitter and the blog and I thought it would be useful to share what others had to say. I also have some examples from a¬†few people which are worth sharing.

Nick Dennis an Assistant Headteacher @nickdennis commented

‘I agree that Prezi is not the solution but that is because the tool is not the main thing (Keynote and PowerPoint 2010 included) but the human behind it. Some of the best presentations I have seen consisted of nothing more than pictures and that was because the presenter had really thought about it..’

Also in agreement was @simfin who said

‘Rubbish in-rubbish out. and PowerPoint doesn’t kill interest, bullet points do.’

He also shared a blog post on effective presentations he has written which can be viewed here

Witty thoughts from other twitter members can in the form of @tonyparkin who said:

‘Is death by Prezi any less painful than death by PowerPoint, or merely less expensive?’

and @stevegillott who made the same observation as me in saying:

‘Prezi – the start of motion sickness due to badly designed Prezis.’

Beyond the comments a number of people shared what they felt were good examples of the capability of Prezis.

@mattmoo2 has created a presentation introducing the Internet to people:

@chrisrat has a presentation on emarketing and social networking:


2 Responses to “Thoughts on ‘Death by PowerPoint and Prezi’ Responses from the blog and twitter”
  1. Jo Rhys Jones says:

    I have to agree it’s not the presentation it’s the presenter that makes a difference. Just like marking students essays really – pretty green ink and curly handwriting don’t make the content any better, and sloppy writing and spelling spoil equally.

  2. Alessio says:

    In fairness the idea of canvas and zooming presentations has been aroun for a while. Prezi looks to me like a modified version of PowerPoint Plex for Office 2007-10! Also, Pptplex let’s you navigate anywhere on the canvas and I don’t think Prezi does, as you set your own pathways and then you are stuck with them (though I am not too familiar with Prezi and this might be wrong).

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