Tim Berners-Lee and the coming of digital natives

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A while ago I wrote about my experiences of watching the change in children as they moved from being digital immigrants when I started teaching 10 years ago to those who are now in primary schools and are definitely digital natives. If you didn’t read the article about my 5 year old nephew and his use of technology it is still the third most read blog post and can be found hereĀ Digital Natives coming to a school near you.

This week we have been celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the World Wide Web and the man who created it, Tim Berners-Lee has been speaking to the BBC. His short presentation is worth a look especially the Q and A looking into the future of the web.

Another interesting piece from today is the BBC news programme Click. In the second part on BBC iPlayer (sorry if you are outside the UK but the International version will appear here soon) there is a section on the future of search on the web and the coming of what is known as Semantic Search. There is also an article here on the BBC about the future of search. Hopefully all of this is really useful if you are in education and heavily into Online Learning and Web 2.0. It would be good to hear your thoughts.

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