Twynham 6th Form site in SharePoint part 1 of 4

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During the autumn term the development team at Twynham spent some time on one of their favourite projects- building external websites in SharePoint. The challenge on this occasion was simple- to take a beautifully designed site and prove that it could maintain its beauty when built in SharePoint. The website in question is undoubtedly the school’s most important- the 6th Form site. This is our key marketing tool for what has become a 400 strong 6th form and any failure to produce something of the highest quality would lead to major consequences.

Over the next few days I will take you through the site we have built with a series of 4 video demonstrations. You can find the site at and it is well worth taking a look. As well as this video demonstration I have written a 5 part series and details of where you can read this are shown below.

Twynham 6th Form site part 1 best viewed in 720p

Where can you find out more?

For a more detailed and technical demonstration of our 6th Form site built in SharePoint I have written a 5 part series as a guest author along with Chris Mckinley which can be read on www.endusersharepoint.comIf you haven’t come across this site before it is an absolute must for SharePoint users. Although not an education site it is the biggest resource on the web for SharePoint in my opinion. The founder of the site Mark Miller is a good friend and great community man.

The five part series is as follows:

  1. Twynham 6th Form site Part 1
  2. Twynham 6th Form site Part 2
  3. Twynham 6th Form site Part 3
  4. Twynham 6th Form site Part 4
  5. Twynham 6th Form site Part 5

As well as the five part series Ray Fleming from Microsoft blogged about the SharePoint 6th Form site in his post on How to make a beautiful SharePoint site


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