Twynham School Learning Gateway 2007-10 Chapter Four Part 1- SharePoint Design

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One of the last changes we have made to our Twynham Learning Gateway focuses on the design of the sites. The original sites were almost entirely undeveloped and an example of these is shown below.

In February this year we decided it was time to take a serious look at the overall design to create a more professional and blended look across all the sites. This is the first time we have outsourced any work for our internal gateway and the best investment we have made in the three years. For this work we went to the undisputed king of SharePoint design, Sam Dolan who is also known in SharePoint land as Pink Petrol. The end product can be seen below with a unified and engaging look:

The overall change is very clear and at the same time there are more subtle changes with the use of the same 4 colours¬†from the banner and navigation bars throughout the page. This particularly makes a difference in blending the written elements into the colour scheme to give a very professional look. I would happily recommend Pink Petrol based on the work we have done and he can be contacted on twitter as @pinkpetrol or by email through Sam’s website with examples of his work and service can be found at¬†I will also be joint blogging a more detailed explanation of Sam’s work in a joint post later this month.


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  1. Tonight I have read your e-book, thank you for sharing with all of us. Congratulations on such a successful project. Your ingenuity in the design is admired, your dedication hailed. Thank you for garnering the input from so many students and probably very definitely making them better scholars and citizens for our future. I am a novice in the SharePoint world at our company, your e-book contents give me inspiration to keep learning! I have a friend who teaches educational technology at our local university and have shared the link to your e-book with her, I know she will be just as impressed.

    Hays, Kansas, USA

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