Twynham School Learning Gateway 2007-10 Chapter One part 4- Staff Media Library

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One of the sub sites of the Staff Gateway is the Media Library. Over the course of three and a half years the Twynham Systems Team have digitised over 5,000 video and audio clips and these are made available to staff both within the school and at home via password protection. The use of the Media Library is now widespread with televisions and DVD players a thing of the past across the site. Teachers access the media simply by clicking on the asx files shown below which brings up a media player.

Video can also be directly embedded into pages on the Gateway so that these can be directly accessed by students through an in-house built SharePoint Media Player.

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3 Responses to “Twynham School Learning Gateway 2007-10 Chapter One part 4- Staff Media Library”
  1. Andy K says:

    I really like the media library idea… What format do you keep the videos in? Do you keep different versions of the files for access in school (hi-def) and at home?

  2. Mike Herrity says:

    On SharePoint they have to be WMV and we have only one version of each video. They stream superbly home and away.


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