Twynham School Learning Gateway 2007-10 Chapter Two part 1- The Student Gateway

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The Student Gateway

When we started to build a Student Gateway and discussed with students what they wanted we were a little surprised when they said- ‘the same as the Staff Gateway’. Students liked the clean simplicity of the icons and wanted to get rid of the right navigation bar altogether. They also wanted as little writing as possible on the page and the addition of a Picture Gallery. For students most of their time on the Gateway is spent in the Learning Areas- subject and revision sites. The Student Gateway is shown below.

Students have the same basic functionality  with the timetable showing a one day/two week view. Gift and Talented Year 8 Students have started experimenting with ‘My Site’ as an e-portfolio but major developments in this area will take place with SharePoint 2010 when greater functionality will make a better solution.

Students also have access to the ‘My Progress’ site which displays their key details, tutor time and lesson by lesson attendance, grades and reports. See page 7 in this guide for further details or for a breakdown of all our Online Reporting solution along with availability see the ‘Online Reporting to Parents’ guide on this site. We also give students access to the same software as teachers through the ‘My Programs’ link. This is used largely out of school but our netbook roll out could see no software being made available on the machine but through the Twynham Learning Gateway.

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