Twynham School Learning Gateway 2007-10. Serialisation on SharePoint in Education.

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Firstly, I hope you dont mind indulging me this morning but a little context is needed.

Twynham School is about to reach its three year anniversary of working on e-learning in education with a Learning Platform. Lots of things were already happening when I arrived in September 2006 on the e-learning front: the school had SharePoint for staff and student gateways; podcasting was very well developed especially in languages; streaming media was in place; a wide range of web technologies were being trialled through our Leading Edge work. In October 2006 one particularly innovative Psychology teacher pioneered a ‘Gateway’ as he called it for his 6th Formers to use as a communication tool and resource area. Mr Brown was even innovating with a Psychology blog before I knew what blogging was!

 All of this was the precursor to our first whole school work with a Learning Platform which began on March 22nd 2007 when we launched our Revision Gateway. Within a year the tech guys working on this development had produced a 30 page guide to our work which simply became know as ‘The PDF” in internal circles. This led to our excellent (at the time!) but now outdated showcase site know as supporting learning. In the last two years a lot of development has taken place and as I looked back at ‘The PDF’ I realised it was time for a serious update!

As a result I have put together an e-book called ‘Twynham School Learning Gateway 2007-10′ which is currently 28 pages and 5 chapters long. By the time it is finished it should be around 35-40 pages and 8-10 chapters long and will be made available both through this blog and our new showcase site as a complete e-book on Monday March 22nd. During the next 3 weeks I will be blogging 2-4 pages of the e-book a day as a serialisation here on SharePoint in Education.

What the e-book is and is not.

The main aim of the book is to give an overview of the development of our Learning Gateway over the last three years. It is not intended to give a detailed account of how and why we did everything- that is the purpose of this blog and the many presentations we give at events. A version with all the detail in would be over 100 pages and is perhaps a proposition for another time. The e-book is also not very text heavy but contains over 50 screenshots so far and will only be about 5,000 words when finished. Hopefully the main idea is to share our practice and maybe even inspire?! Well lets not hope for too much…. Chapter 1 will start today.
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  1. Thomas says:

    I can’t wait to see some pages of your ebook!

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