Twynham School Learning Gateway 2007-2010. The story so far and what’s coming up.

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As you will hopefully have realised I have been serialising an e-book which will be launched next Monday, March 22nd.

So far I have covered 6 sections of chapter 1 which you can read back as follows:

The Staff Gateway Homepage

Class and Student Data

Staff Alerts

Media Library

Cloud based software

IT room and hardware booking

To follow on from this during this week I will be releasing posts three times a day covering the remainder of the e-book as follows:

Monday 15th 1pm Staff Collaboration- sharing resources and ideas

Monday 15th 5pm Staff Training and Development

Tuesday 9am Tracking data with the analysis pyramid

Chapter 2

Tuesday 1pm The Student Gateway

Tuesday 5pm Student access to the library

Wednesday 9am The Student Council and other events

Chapter 3

Wednesday 1pm Student Learning Gateway

Wednesday 5pm Student Revision Gateway

Thursday 9am Customising Student Sites

Chapter 4

Thursday 1pm Customisation of Learning Gateways

Thursday 5pm Creating SharePoint external facing websites 

Chapter 5

Friday 9am Engaing Parents with Options Online

Friday 1pm Boosting results with Mentoring Online

Friday 5pm Encouraging reflection with Learning in Progress

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