Using SharePoint as a tracking system to support Online Reporting to Parents.

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One of the things many schools have moved over to in the last few years is full registration of tutor time electronically. Increasing numbers are moving over to also electronically registering individual lessons as part of the Online Reporting to Parents agenda. We are now a year into compulsory registration of lessons online having decided to make this data available to parents through our Parent Gateway. The big issue of course is teachers forget to register lessons. I certainly did yesterday with my year 11 class and with over 400 lessons a day at our school it only takes a small percentage of missed registers and data that parents are reading on the Parent Gateway has gaps.

How does a school combat this? Well for us we have two systems which work within SharePoint to act as reminders to staff. The first is an area on the Gateway which triggers when a lesson has not been registered. This is simply called ‘lessons not registered’ and appears in a very visible place opposite timetable and cover.

Lessons not registered appear on staff homepage

Lessons not registered appear on specific staff homepage- click to enlarge

When a teacher forgets to register a lesson the details will appear on their page in black. I mention the colour because if the register is not moved by the following day it  turns red to be more visable (and this genuinely works when we ask staff).

Of course in the busy times even a reminder on the site can be missed if a teacher is running around with full days. To help with this we have an administrator who spends 15 minutes a day sending out second reminders. How do they know who has not done their registers? On the Staff Homepage of SharePoint their is an area called lesson by lesson registration. By clicking on this the screen below appears.

Administrator tool to check lessons not registered- click to enlarge

Administrator tool to check lessons not registered- click to enlarge

This shows a calendar with 3 options, Key Stages 3.4 and 5. Clicking on a radial button the administrator can then click on a date and it brings all missed lessons up. The administrator then sends an email reminder out to staff. This has proved hugely successful in giving us near perfect data for parents and making single lesson truancy almost impossible.


One Response to “Using SharePoint as a tracking system to support Online Reporting to Parents.”
  1. Larry says:

    I am very impressed with this process. I am on my second run raising children and have been a sharepoint power user for almost 8 years. How can I help my child do better in school if I don’t know what they are doing or expected to do. Can you share the effort that went into this project, Man hours and other external systems?

    I volunteer for a small private school and may consider migrating to SharePoint if I knew the effort. Key work volunteer ;) .

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