Using SharePoint to send text messages

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How many schools are now s ending text messages to parents? This seems to be a growing trend within schools largely to inform parents of absence. For me the real power of text messages is not only in absence reporting but in updating parents on other key information such as reports being sent home or a parents evening. Twynham School currently has an SMS solution which we have used but this is not in SharePoint. Over the last 3 months we have been looking at what options exist for integrating text messaging and in my email inbox today could be the answer.
S P Web parts contacted me to announce that they had created an SMS solution which runs through SharePoint. The cost for one of their products (they also offer email and word solutions) is £520 and it may be an ideal product to add further customisation to your SharePoint set up. I have contacted Paul from S P Web parts and chatted through what the product does and we will hopefully trial the product and let you know our thoughts. My only reservation with SMS solutions is the cost of individual messages. These still remain very high for me at 8p a text. You purchase these from a third party and sending one txt message to 1,000 parents would cost you £80. If I sent 100 messages out to 1,000 parents in a year the cost would be £8,000. This may be the only barrier to what might be a great solution.
SharePoint interface for SMS Webpart

SharePoint interface for SMS Webpart


One Response to “Using SharePoint to send text messages”
  1. Matt says:

    Hey Mike,

    Interesting read. I’ve written a prototype app for our primaries that let’s them use a USB 3G modem and a pay-as-you go sim to replace the likes of teacher2parent. Costs about £120 p/a for the sim. You could build something like this, just need AT commands for the modem. Might save you some money, it’s a bit MacGuyver though.

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