Will SharePoint 2010 reach the Lost Generation? Thoughts on Social Media and Generation Y.

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You may have worked out through my 150 blog posts in a year that I am a big SharePoint fan! I am particularly excited about what is to come with SharePoint 2010 and the fantastic improvements which have been made with UI and end user experience in general. I think the product will both sell well and be a great hit for Microsoft and the community. In recent gatherings with SharePoint folk I have however been at odds over one area of SharePoint in 2010 and that is social. To explain why first take a look at the video below called ‘The Lost Generation- for me it epitomises Generation Y’s use of social media as a tool. If you have already seen it as I am sure many have it wont do any harm to take another look ;)

I saw this video used at school this week and the impact on our students was astonishing. This is the way they communicate with each other and share their feelings. I agree I am a little off topic with this post but back to the point. Many people think the improvements in social coming in SharePoint 2010 are significant and this is a fair statement. At the same time most SharePoint folk who see this as a big step forward tend to be working in the business environment. In education SharePoint 2007 is light years behind the social media tools students use in their everyday life. So what about SharePoint 2010? Alas my first thoughts when seeing the improvements were ‘too little, too late’. The moment I saw the video above my first thought was a) to share it quickly and b) grab the embed code from YouTube. This is the society we live in with powerful social media tools. In this WordPress blog I can write this blog post in minutes and add rich media with ease.

The same is unfortunately not true of SharePoint 2010 where embedding code seems not to be a standard operation. I use embed code as an illustration of one of the improvements amongst many I feel we still need for social in SharePoint 2010. Whilst the improvements in social are there and may well satisfy our business community my greatest fear is that social in SharePoint 2010 will be lost on this generation I teach.


3 Responses to “Will SharePoint 2010 reach the Lost Generation? Thoughts on Social Media and Generation Y.”
  1. Brandon says:

    Well, embedding can be done through HTML/PHP coding in a SharePoint list, for example announcements. However this is difficult for a teacher/student who quickly wants to convey these video.

    Therefore, I personally think SharePoint should take heed in this respect of sites such as FaceBook. Then again the ever developing Web Parts for SharePoint may see this sometime soon, but yet again SharePoint defies itself by its own firewall blocking external hard coding.

  2. Lee Provoost says:

    While SP2010 is a HUGE improvement over SP2007, I agree with you that it is not suited for use in education. Although touted as the big social media platform, I believe it is more suited for big corporate intranet environments who have lots of budget to customise SP2010 to their needs.

    Check some of my thoughts on SP2010 on the Headshift blog: http://www.headshift.com/blog/2010/01/sharepoint-2010-bringing-the-s.php


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