Windows 7 Early Adopters Forum for Schools. Top Reasons and top tips for deploying Windows 7.

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The Windows 7 Early Adopters’ Forum has proved to be a great event today with some fantastic collaboration between schools and Local Authorities across 7 Counties. The mix of 20 people sharing their experiences of deploying Windows 7 in a variety or environments proved to be invaluable for all those who attended. As a wrap up to the event I asked the group to reflect on what we had discussed and come up with two lists to share with people. The first was 5 top reasons to move to Windows 7 and the second 5 top tips for deploying Windows 7. This is what they have come up with.

5 Reasons to move to Windows 7

  1. Improved Performance and Speed.
  2. Helps sustain Hardware (better than Vista and even XP).
  3. Vastly improved security features.
  4. Search and User Interface give a very intuitive experience.
  5. It is not Vista!

5 Top Tips for deployment

  1. Use MDT 2010 for deployment- this makes life easy.
  2. Complete a software audit well in advance of deployment.
  3. Group policies will be key to a successful deployment. Investing in getting it right.
  4. Load test where possible with smaller scale test deployments.
  5. Don’t use redirection of folders as this grinds log-in times down.

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