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Like a number of schools in the UK we have started a relatively early roll out of Windows 7 and now have over 500 machines running on the new OS. This has not been an entirely smooth road and at times Dave Coleman and his lieutenant Neil Hodgkinson have undertaken much quizzical arm folding and even occasional chin stroking. I am pleased to say that by the end of the first school week log in speeds had dropped to below 1 minute across the site. Before we got to this speed (due to changing the way we did folder redirection) one day I had a fairly bright idea. In a frustrated moment I said to  Dave, ‘why do we not have a network of people across the country to talk to about the issues- somebody has probably fixed this already!’. Thus we came up with the idea for a forum for to share experience of Windows 7 deployment in schools.

The Windows 7 Early Adopters Forum is an opportunity for technical staff who have had experience of rolling out Windows 7 (by this we mean at  least one IT Suite in their school) to get together and share their ideas. We have managed to twist Ray Fleming’s arm and have the use of a conference room for up to 20 people at Microsoft Reading on October 7th. Ray has also kindly agreed to provide lunch for the event which will run from 10-2pm to allow people time to get there and then get home at a sensible hour. If enough people can make the event we hope to be able to share all the good practice people are doing amongst the group so that everybodys deployment will run smoothly. At the same time we can then put the examples together for our colleagues around the county who will be rolling out in the next year.

If you would like to join us for the Windows 7 Event please drop me an email at or RSVP on twitter @mikeherrity and we will book you a place. If you have not rolled out Windows 7 yet but know a colleague who has please pass these details on to them- it could make your life easier in the future!


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  1. I have just installed Windows 7 onto our school domain after a bit of a struggle i have all drivers working .The only problem i have is Sophos will not update any ideas?


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