Windows 7 RTM announced and available to schools on 7th August

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It is officially the end of term in the UK (the last schools finished today) and for Network Managers 90% of the development work they wanted to do is now possible in the Oasis that is the summer holidays. The next three and a half weeks should be relatively quite for most systems team in terms of teacher interference until the week of 17th August when schools turn their attention to A-level results and then GCSE results the following week. The great news from Microsoft is Windows 7 has gone to RTM today and is therefore available to a variety of companies.

More importantly is the work that the Microsoft UK Education Team seem to have done to make Windows 7 available to those schools on the 7th August with a School License Agreement. In truth I have no idea if the Microsoft UK Education Team have had a hand in this decision to make Windows 7 available but given the different slightly earlier return times to schools in the US and other places this decision would seem to suit the UK market perfectly. Lets thank them anyway even if they had nothing to do with it!

In terms of further details on the release of Windows 7 RTM it seems sensible to hand over to Mr Fleming from Microsoft who has blogged the news ‘live from Atlanta’ earlier today. Oh and if you have any trouble loading up Windows 7 when you get the disk you probably have the one below that Steve Ballmer is clearly going to scratch…..

Steve Ballmer with the one ring to rule them all?

Steve Ballmer with the one ring to rule them all?


One Response to “Windows 7 RTM announced and available to schools on 7th August”
  1. Brandon Scott says:

    This is an excellent time for the RTM to come out. Hopefully Twynham will be the first to go completely Windows 7. I enjoyed testing Windows 7 RC because of its stability and it found its way onto every computer in the household after two hours of my laptop installation. My parents love it and the fact that we can share different things using homegroup. It was also funny to frighten my mum when I used my laptop to blare out some very loud music from her computer. The last thing to say is bring on August the 7th and October the 22nd and the onslaught of children who are going to either moan that its different or fall in love with it the first day back. For systems sake I hope its the latter…

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