Windows 7 RTM in time for school summer install

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How many machines in your schools already have Windows 7 RC on it? At Twynham we have at least 20 laptops with Windows 7 as their primary OS given how stable it is. As you can imagine Dave our Network Manager is desperate to get all our machines onto the full Windows 7 version this summer. He was as you can imagine very disappointed when news came out that this would not be available until October, missing the crucial summer season when 90% of work is done on the network. The good news is Microsoft have announced that Windows 7 RTM (Release to Manufacture) will be available in the last two weeks of July. Will your school install over the summer or wait for next year? This week I blogged on the speed of log in with Windows 7 on a Samsung NC20 netbook which clearly shows the benefit of the new version.

If for some reason you haveĀ been asleep during the last year here is a short video showing some of the new features of Windows 7.


5 Responses to “Windows 7 RTM in time for school summer install”
  1. I am with Dave (Twynham Network Manager) on this one. I may be doing a complete recable of the School and having power boards replaced all over the place but Windows 7 will be installed on at least all out IT suites by September.

  2. John Howarth says:

    Hi Mike,

    How will your school obtain licences and an official ISO image for Windows 7 RTM? Will they be available through your reseller in July?



  3. I thnk I can answer that for you John. My School is on the School licence agreement and so we have access to an online Microsoft portal that allows us to download the iso of any Microsoft product we are licensed for. The School agreement covers you for ALL new products within the Microsoft product catalogue that you choose to licence.

  4. John Howarth says:

    Thank you Alan. I didn’t realise that Schools’ Agreement allowed you to download and use RTM versions as well. That’s brilliant news for schools wanting to work with Windows 7 over the summer break.


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