Your GCSE Results in 10 hours or in 10 minutes? The power of Reporting Services and SharePoint.

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As those of you who know me personally will be aware two of my passions are technology and data! For a History teacher this is fairly unusual but these are also two of my key roles in school as an Assistant Headteacher- e-learning and data. During the last week I have been very busy making sure all our systems will be ready with Windows 7 installed throughout the site and three refurbished computer rooms (two of which the contractor still hasn’t finished). Even more demanding should have been organising the A-level and GCSE download days which I am in charge of. For those of you that do not know download days are on a Wednesday the day before results day when schools have 24 hours to download and prepare the data to share with students and staff.

Now I said they should have been demanding days and indeed when I joined three years ago they were. In August 2007 on my first A-level download day we spent 10 hours at school and left when we were thrown out by the caretakers still not 100% confident what our exact results were! Over the last few months I have written a series of blog posts on our development of Reporting Services as a results tool within SharePoint. Yesterday I arrived at 8.10am to meet the Data Manager who had been in since 8 am (alas I was late). At this point she had downloaded the data and put it into the MIS system. Normally from here it would take many hours to either prepare spreadsheets or organise reports out of the MIS. These are the three clicks I made.

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The three clicks you can see in the video are: clicking on the Headline figure; drilling into the All Subject Report; Drilling into an individual Subject. Below this are two more levels which I have not shown as they contain student information. I can click into an individual class and see the students results for that class. From there I can click on an individual student to see their results. In 2007 I was able to contact the Headteacher at 1pm to give him an idea of our results. Last year we had a firm figure by 11.30. Yesterday? I actually think I may have woken him up with a call at 8.10 am with a cup of tea and a donut in my hand. The real beauty of this is I made the video above from home by logging into the school site and going to the data page (which for security watchers was locked down so only I could access it). The time of the video was 11am and I had my feet up having printed off all the result sheets and put them in envelopes before heading home. Now I love download days.


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